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Multisite: Deprecated admin functions from past versions and WordPress MU

Function Short description
activate_sitewide_pluginDeprecated functionality for activating a network-only plugin.
deactivate_sitewide_pluginDeprecated functionality for deactivating a network-only plugin.
get_site_allowed_themesDeprecated functionality for getting themes network-enabled themes.
install_global_termsInstall global terms.
is_wpmu_sitewide_pluginDeprecated functionality for determining if the current plugin is network-only.
ms_deprecated_blogs_fileDeprecated functionality for determining whether a file is deprecated.
mu_optionsWPMU options.
sync_category_tag_slugsSynchronizes category and post tag slugs when global terms are enabled.
wpmu_checkavailablespaceDetermines if the available space defined by the admin has been exceeded by the user.
wpmu_get_blog_allowedthemesDeprecated functionality for getting themes allowed on a specific site.
wpmu_menuOutputs the WPMU menu.