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Multisite administration functions.

Function Short description
avoid_blog_page_permalink_collisionAvoids a collision between a site slug and a permalink slug.
can_edit_networkDetermines whether or not this network from this page can be edited.
check_import_new_usersChecks if the current user has permissions to import new users.
check_upload_sizeDetermines whether uploaded file exceeds space quota.
choose_primary_blogHandles the display of choosing a user's primary site.
display_space_usageDisplays the amount of disk space used by the current site. Not used in core.
fix_import_form_sizeGets the remaining upload space for this site.
format_code_langReturns the language for a language code.
get_site_screen_help_sidebar_contentReturns the content for the help sidebar on the Edit Site screens.
get_site_screen_help_tab_argsReturns the arguments for the help tab on the Edit Site screens.
mu_dropdown_languagesGenerates and displays a drop-down of available languages.
network_edit_site_navOutputs the HTML for a network's "Edit Site" tabular interface.
network_settings_add_jsPrints JavaScript in the header on the Network Settings screen.
refresh_user_detailsCleans the user cache for a specific user.
site_admin_noticeDisplays an admin notice to upgrade all sites after a core upgrade.
upload_is_user_over_quotaChecks whether a site has used its allotted upload space.
upload_space_settingDisplays the site upload space quota setting form on the Edit Site Settings screen.
wpmu_delete_blogDeletes a site.
wpmu_delete_userDeletes a user and all of their posts from the network.
_access_denied_splashDisplays an access denied message when a user tries to view a site's dashboard they do not have access to.
_thickbox_path_admin_subfolderPrints thickbox image paths for Network Admin.