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WordPress Plugin Administration API

Function Short description
activate_pluginAttempts activation of plugin in a "sandbox" and redirects on success.
activate_pluginsActivates multiple plugins.
add_allowed_optionsAdds an array of options to the list of allowed options.
add_comments_pageAdds a submenu page to the Comments main menu.
add_dashboard_pageAdds a submenu page to the Dashboard main menu.
add_links_pageAdds a submenu page to the Links main menu.
add_management_pageAdds a submenu page to the Tools main menu.
add_media_pageAdds a submenu page to the Media main menu.
add_menu_pageAdds a top-level menu page.
add_options_pageAdds a submenu page to the Settings main menu.
add_pages_pageAdds a submenu page to the Pages main menu.
add_plugins_pageAdds a submenu page to the Plugins main menu.
add_posts_pageAdds a submenu page to the Posts main menu.
add_submenu_pageAdds a submenu page.
add_theme_pageAdds a submenu page to the Appearance main menu.
add_users_pageAdds a submenu page to the Users/Profile main menu.
deactivated_plugins_noticeRenders an admin notice when a plugin was deactivated during an update.
deactivate_pluginsDeactivates a single plugin or multiple plugins.
delete_pluginsRemoves directory and files of a plugin for a list of plugins.
get_admin_page_parentGets the parent file of the current admin page.
get_admin_page_titleGets the title of the current admin page.
get_dropinsChecks the wp-content directory and retrieve all drop-ins with any plugin data.
get_mu_pluginsChecks the mu-plugins directory and retrieve all mu-plugin files with any plugin data.
get_pluginsChecks the plugins directory and retrieve all plugin files with plugin data.
get_plugin_dataParses the plugin contents to retrieve plugin's metadata.
get_plugin_filesGets a list of a plugin's files.
get_plugin_page_hookGets the hook attached to the administrative page of a plugin.
get_plugin_page_hooknameGets the hook name for the administrative page of a plugin.
is_network_only_pluginChecks for "Network: true" in the plugin header to see if this should be activated only as a network wide plugin. The plugin would also work when Multisite is not enabled.
is_plugin_activeDetermines whether a plugin is active.
is_plugin_active_for_networkDetermines whether the plugin is active for the entire network.
is_plugin_inactiveDetermines whether the plugin is inactive.
is_plugin_pausedDetermines whether a plugin is technically active but was paused while loading.
is_uninstallable_pluginDetermines whether the plugin can be uninstalled.
menu_page_urlGets the URL to access a particular menu page based on the slug it was registered with.
option_update_filterRefreshes the value of the allowed options list available via the 'allowed_options' hook.
paused_plugins_noticeRenders an admin notice in case some plugins have been paused due to errors.
plugin_sandbox_scrapeLoads a given plugin attempt to generate errors.
remove_allowed_optionsRemoves a list of options from the allowed options list.
remove_menu_pageRemoves a top-level admin menu.
remove_submenu_pageRemoves an admin submenu.
resume_pluginTries to resume a single plugin.
settings_fieldsOutputs nonce, action, and option_page fields for a settings page.
uninstall_pluginUninstalls a single plugin.
user_can_access_admin_pageDetermines whether the current user can access the current admin page.
validate_active_pluginsValidates active plugins.
validate_pluginValidates the plugin path.
validate_plugin_requirementsValidates the plugin requirements for WordPress version and PHP version.
wp_add_privacy_policy_contentDeclares a helper function for adding content to the Privacy Policy Guide.
wp_clean_plugins_cacheClears the plugins cache used by get_plugins() and by default, the plugin updates cache.
wp_get_plugin_errorGets the error that was recorded for a paused plugin.
_get_dropinsReturns drop-in plugins that WordPress uses.
_get_plugin_data_markup_translateSanitizes plugin data, optionally adds markup, optionally translates.
_sort_uname_callbackDeclares a callback to sort array by a 'Name' key.