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WordPress user administration API.

Function Short description
add_userCreates a new user from the "Users" form using $_POST information.
edit_userEdit user settings based on contents of $_POST
get_editable_rolesFetch a filtered list of user roles that the current user is allowed to edit.
get_users_draftsRetrieve the user's drafts.
get_user_to_editRetrieve user data and filter it.
use_ssl_preferenceOptional SSL preference that can be turned on by hooking to the 'personal_options' action.
wp_delete_userRemove user and optionally reassign posts and links to another user.
wp_privacy_process_personal_data_erasure_pageMark erasure requests as completed after processing is finished.
wp_revoke_userRemove all capabilities from user.
_wp_personal_data_cleanup_requestsCleans up failed and expired requests before displaying the list table.
_wp_personal_data_export_pagePersonal data export.
_wp_personal_data_handle_actionsHandle list table actions.
_wp_personal_data_removal_pagePersonal data anonymization.
_wp_privacy_completed_requestMarks a request as completed by the admin and logs the current timestamp.
_wp_privacy_hook_requests_pageAdd requests pages.
_wp_privacy_requests_screen_optionsAdd options for the privacy requests screens.
_wp_privacy_resend_requestResend an existing request and return the result.