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Block template loader functions.

Function Short description
get_the_block_template_htmlReturns the markup for the current template.
locate_block_templateFinds a block template with equal or higher specificity than a given PHP template file.
resolve_block_templateReturns the correct 'wp_template' to render for the request template type.
_add_template_loader_filtersAdds necessary hooks to resolve '_wp-find-template' requests.
_block_template_render_title_tagDisplays title tag with content, regardless of whether theme has title-tag support.
_block_template_render_without_post_block_contextRemoves post details from block context when rendering a block template.
_block_template_viewport_meta_tagRenders a 'viewport' meta tag.
_resolve_template_for_new_postSets the current WP_Query to return auto-draft posts.
_strip_template_file_suffixStrips .php or .html suffix from template file names.