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Main WordPress Formatting API.

Function Short description
addslashes_gpcAdds slashes to a string or recursively adds slashes to strings within an array.
antispambotConverts email addresses characters to HTML entities to block spam bots.
backslashitAdds backslashes before letters and before a number at the start of a string.
balancetagsBalances tags if forced to, or if the 'use_balanceTags' option is set to true.
capital_p_dangitForever eliminate "Wordpress" from the planet (or at least the little bit we can influence).
convert_charsConverts lone & characters into `&` (a.k.a. `&`)
convert_invalid_entitiesConverts invalid Unicode references range to valid range.
convert_smiliesConverts text equivalent of smilies to images.
ent2ncrConverts named entities into numbered entities.
esc_attrEscaping for HTML attributes.
esc_htmlEscaping for HTML blocks.
esc_jsEscapes single quotes, `"`, `<`, `>`, `&`, and fixes line endings.
esc_sqlEscapes data for use in a MySQL query.
esc_textareaEscaping for textarea values.
esc_urlChecks and cleans a URL.
esc_url_rawSanitizes a URL for database or redirect usage.
esc_xmlEscaping for XML blocks.
force_balance_tagsBalances tags of string using a modified stack.
format_for_editorFormats text for the editor.
format_to_editActs on text which is about to be edited.
get_date_from_gmtGiven a date in UTC or GMT timezone, returns that date in the timezone of the site.
get_gmt_from_dateGiven a date in the timezone of the site, returns that date in UTC.
get_html_split_regexRetrieves the regular expression for an HTML element.
get_url_in_contentExtracts and returns the first URL from passed content.
htmlentities2Converts entities, while preserving already-encoded entities.
human_time_diffDetermines the difference between two timestamps.
iso8601_timezone_to_offsetGiven an ISO 8601 timezone, returns its UTC offset in seconds.
iso8601_to_datetimeGiven an ISO 8601 (Ymd\TH:i:sO) date, returns a MySQL DateTime (Y-m-d H:i:s) format used by post_date[_gmt].
is_emailVerifies that an email is valid.
links_add_base_urlAdds a base URL to relative links in passed content.
links_add_targetAdds a target attribute to all links in passed content.
make_clickableConverts plaintext URI to HTML links.
map_deepMaps a function to all non-iterable elements of an array or an object.
maybe_hash_hex_colorEnsures that any hex color is properly hashed.
normalize_whitespaceNormalizes EOL characters and strips duplicate whitespace.
print_emoji_detection_scriptPrints the inline Emoji detection script if it is not already printed.
rawurlencode_deepNavigates through an array, object, or scalar, and raw-encodes the values to be used in a URL.
remove_accentsConverts all accent characters to ASCII characters.
sanitize_emailStrips out all characters that are not allowable in an email.
sanitize_file_nameSanitizes a filename, replacing whitespace with dashes.
sanitize_hex_colorSanitizes a hex color.
sanitize_hex_color_no_hashSanitizes a hex color without a hash. Use sanitize_hex_color() when possible.
sanitize_html_classSanitizes an HTML classname to ensure it only contains valid characters.
sanitize_keySanitizes a string key.
sanitize_locale_nameStrips out all characters not allowed in a locale name.
sanitize_mime_typeSanitizes a mime type
sanitize_optionSanitizes various option values based on the nature of the option.
sanitize_sql_orderbyEnsures a string is a valid SQL 'order by' clause.
sanitize_textarea_fieldSanitizes a multiline string from user input or from the database.
sanitize_text_fieldSanitizes a string from user input or from the database.
sanitize_titleSanitizes a string into a slug, which can be used in URLs or HTML attributes.
sanitize_title_for_querySanitizes a title with the 'query' context.
sanitize_title_with_dashesSanitizes a title, replacing whitespace and a few other characters with dashes.
sanitize_trackback_urlsSanitizes space or carriage return separated URLs that are used to send trackbacks.
sanitize_urlSanitizes a URL for database or redirect usage.
sanitize_userSanitizes a username, stripping out unsafe characters.
seems_utf8Checks to see if a string is utf8 encoded.
shortcode_unautopDon't auto-p wrap shortcodes that stand alone.
stripslashes_deepNavigates through an array, object, or scalar, and removes slashes from the values.
stripslashes_from_strings_onlyCallback function for `stripslashes_deep()` which strips slashes from strings.
tag_escapeEscapes an HTML tag name.
trailingslashitAppends a trailing slash.
translate_smileyConverts one smiley code to the icon graphic file equivalent.
untrailingslashitRemoves trailing forward slashes and backslashes if they exist.
urldecode_deepNavigates through an array, object, or scalar, and decodes URL-encoded values
urlencode_deepNavigates through an array, object, or scalar, and encodes the values to be used in a URL.
url_shortenShortens a URL, to be used as link text.
utf8_uri_encodeEncodes the Unicode values to be used in the URI.
wpautopReplaces double line breaks with paragraph elements.
wptexturizeReplaces common plain text characters with formatted entities.
wptexturize_primesImplements a logic tree to determine whether or not "7'." represents seven feet, then converts the special char into either a prime char or a closing quote char.
wp_basenamei18n-friendly version of basename().
wp_check_invalid_utf8Checks for invalid UTF8 in a string.
wp_encode_emojiConverts emoji characters to their equivalent HTML entity.
wp_enqueue_emoji_stylesEnqueues the important emoji-related styles.
wp_html_excerptSafely extracts not more than the first $count characters from HTML string.
wp_html_splitSeparates HTML elements and comments from the text.
wp_init_targeted_link_rel_filtersAdds all filters modifying the rel attribute of targeted links.
wp_iso_descramblerConverts to ASCII from email subjects.
wp_make_link_relativeConverts full URL paths to absolute paths.
wp_parse_strParses a string into variables to be stored in an array.
wp_pre_kses_block_attributesRemoves non-allowable HTML from parsed block attribute values when filtering in the post context.
wp_pre_kses_less_thanConverts lone less than signs.
wp_pre_kses_less_than_callbackCallback function used by preg_replace.
wp_rel_callbackCallback to add a rel attribute to HTML A element.
wp_rel_nofollowAdds `rel="nofollow"` string to all HTML A elements in content.
wp_rel_nofollow_callbackCallback to add `rel="nofollow"` string to HTML A element.
wp_rel_ugcAdds `rel="nofollow ugc"` string to all HTML A elements in content.
wp_remove_targeted_link_rel_filtersRemoves all filters modifying the rel attribute of targeted links.
wp_replace_in_html_tagsReplaces characters or phrases within HTML elements only.
wp_slashAdds slashes to a string or recursively adds slashes to strings within an array.
wp_spaces_regexpReturns the regexp for common whitespace characters.
wp_specialchars_decodeConverts a number of HTML entities into their special characters.
wp_sprintfWordPress' implementation of PHP sprintf() with filters.
wp_sprintf_lLocalizes list items before the rest of the content.
wp_staticize_emojiConverts emoji to a static img element.
wp_staticize_emoji_for_emailConverts emoji in emails into static images.
wp_strip_all_tagsProperly strips all HTML tags including script and style
wp_targeted_link_relAdds `rel="noopener"` to all HTML A elements that have a target.
wp_targeted_link_rel_callbackCallback to add `rel="noopener"` string to HTML A element.
wp_trim_excerptGenerates an excerpt from the content, if needed.
wp_trim_wordsTrims text to a certain number of words.
wp_unslashRemoves slashes from a string or recursively removes slashes from strings within an array.
zeroiseAdd leading zeros when necessary.
_autop_newline_preservation_helperNewline preservation help function for wpautop().
_deep_replacePerforms a deep string replace operation to ensure the values in $search are no longer present.
_links_add_baseCallback to add a base URL to relative links in passed content.
_links_add_targetCallback to add a target attribute to all links in passed content.
_make_clickable_rel_attrHelper function used to build the "rel" attribute for a URL when creating an anchor using make_clickable().
_make_email_clickable_cbCallback to convert email address match to HTML A element.
_make_url_clickable_cbCallback to convert URI match to HTML A element.
_make_web_ftp_clickable_cbCallback to convert URL match to HTML A element.
_sanitize_text_fieldsInternal helper function to sanitize a string from user input or from the database.
_split_str_by_whitespaceBreaks a string into chunks by splitting at whitespace characters.
_wptexturize_pushpop_elementSearches for disabled element tags. Pushes element to stack on tag open and pops on tag close.
_wp_emoji_listReturns arrays of emoji data.
_wp_iso_convertHelper function to convert hex encoded chars to ASCII.
_wp_specialcharsConverts a number of special characters into their HTML entities.