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kses 0.2.2 - HTML/XHTML filter that only allows some elements and attributes Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2005 Ulf Harnhammar

Function Short description
kses_initSets up most of the KSES filters for input form content.
kses_init_filtersAdds all KSES input form content filters.
kses_remove_filtersRemoves all KSES input form content filters.
safecss_filter_attrFilters an inline style attribute and removes disallowed rules.
valid_unicodeDetermines if a Unicode codepoint is valid.
wp_filter_ksesSanitize content with allowed HTML KSES rules.
wp_filter_nohtml_ksesStrips all HTML from a text string.
wp_filter_post_ksesSanitizes content for allowed HTML tags for post content.
wp_ksesFilters text content and strips out disallowed HTML.
wp_kses_allowed_htmlReturns an array of allowed HTML tags and attributes for a given context.
wp_kses_array_lcConverts the keys of an array to lowercase.
wp_kses_attrRemoves all attributes, if none are allowed for this element.
wp_kses_attr_checkDetermines whether an attribute is allowed.
wp_kses_attr_parseFinds all attributes of an HTML element.
wp_kses_bad_protocolSanitizes a string and removed disallowed URL protocols.
wp_kses_bad_protocol_onceSanitizes content from bad protocols and other characters.
wp_kses_bad_protocol_once2Callback for `wp_kses_bad_protocol_once()` regular expression.
wp_kses_check_attr_valPerforms different checks for attribute values.
wp_kses_dataSanitize content with allowed HTML KSES rules.
wp_kses_decode_entitiesConverts all numeric HTML entities to their named counterparts.
wp_kses_hairBuilds an attribute list from string containing attributes.
wp_kses_hair_parseBuilds an attribute list from string containing attributes.
wp_kses_hookYou add any KSES hooks here.
wp_kses_html_errorHandles parsing errors in `wp_kses_hair()`.
wp_kses_named_entitiesCallback for `wp_kses_normalize_entities()` regular expression.
wp_kses_normalize_entitiesConverts and fixes HTML entities.
wp_kses_normalize_entities2Callback for `wp_kses_normalize_entities()` regular expression.
wp_kses_normalize_entities3Callback for `wp_kses_normalize_entities()` for regular expression.
wp_kses_no_nullRemoves any invalid control characters in a text string.
wp_kses_one_attrFilters one HTML attribute and ensures its value is allowed.
wp_kses_postSanitizes content for allowed HTML tags for post content.
wp_kses_post_deepNavigates through an array, object, or scalar, and sanitizes content for allowed HTML tags for post content.
wp_kses_splitSearches for HTML tags, no matter how malformed.
wp_kses_split2Callback for `wp_kses_split()` for fixing malformed HTML tags.
wp_kses_stripslashesStrips slashes from in front of quotes.
wp_kses_uri_attributesHelper function listing HTML attributes containing a URL.
wp_kses_versionReturns the version number of KSES.
_wp_add_global_attributesHelper function to add global attributes to a tag in the allowed html list.
_wp_kses_decode_entities_chrRegex callback for `wp_kses_decode_entities()`.
_wp_kses_decode_entities_chr_hexdecRegex callback for `wp_kses_decode_entities()`.
_wp_kses_split_callbackCallback for `wp_kses_split()`.