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These functions are needed to load Multisite.

Function Short description
get_current_site_nameThis deprecated function formerly set the site_name property of the $current_site object.
get_network_by_pathRetrieves the closest matching network for a domain and path.
get_site_by_pathRetrieves the closest matching site object by its domain and path.
is_subdomain_installWhether a subdomain configuration is enabled.
ms_load_current_site_and_networkIdentifies the network and site of a requested domain and path and populates the corresponding network and site global objects as part of the multisite bootstrap process.
ms_not_installedDisplays a failure message.
ms_site_checkChecks status of current blog.
wpmu_current_siteThis deprecated function managed much of the site and network loading in multisite.
wp_get_active_network_pluginsReturns array of network plugin files to be included in global scope.
wp_get_networkRetrieves an object containing information about the requested network.