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wp_trigger_error ( $function_name, $message, $error_level = E_USER_NOTICE )
Paramètres: (3)
  • (string) $function_name The function that triggered the error.
    Requis: Oui
  • (string) $message The message explaining the error. The message can contain allowed HTML 'a' (with href), 'code', 'br', 'em', and 'strong' tags and http or https protocols. If it contains other HTML tags or protocols, the message should be escaped before passing to this function to avoid being stripped {@see}.
    Requis: Oui
  • (int) $error_level Optional. The designated error type for this error. Only works with E_USER family of constants. Default E_USER_NOTICE.
    Requis: Non
    Défaut: E_USER_NOTICE
Défini(e) dans:

Generates a user-level error/warning/notice/deprecation message.

Generates the message when WP_DEBUG is true.


function wp_trigger_error( $function_name, $message, $error_level = E_USER_NOTICE ) {

	// Bail out if WP_DEBUG is not turned on.
	if ( ! WP_DEBUG ) {

	 * Fires when the given function triggers a user-level error/warning/notice/deprecation message.
	 * Can be used for debug backtracking.
	 * @since 6.4.0
	 * @param string $function_name The function that was called.
	 * @param string $message       A message explaining what has been done incorrectly.
	 * @param int    $error_level   The designated error type for this error.
	do_action( 'wp_trigger_error_run', $function_name, $message, $error_level );

	if ( ! empty( $function_name ) ) {
		$message = sprintf( '%s(): %s', $function_name, $message );

	$message = wp_kses(
			'a'      => array( 'href' => true ),
			'br'     => array(),
			'code'   => array(),
			'em'     => array(),
			'strong' => array(),
		array( 'http', 'https' )

	trigger_error( $message, $error_level );