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get_{$adjacent}_post_join ›

apply_filters( "get_{$adjacent}_post_join", $join, $in_same_term, $excluded_terms, $taxonomy, $post )
Paramètres: (5)
  • (string) $join The JOIN clause in the SQL.
    Requis: Oui
  • (bool) $in_same_term Whether post should be in a same taxonomy term.
    Requis: Oui
  • (array) $excluded_terms Array of excluded term IDs.
    Requis: Oui
  • (string) $taxonomy Taxonomy. Used to identify the term used when `$in_same_term` is true.
    Requis: Oui
  • (WP_Post) $post WP_Post object.
    Requis: Oui
Défini(e) dans:

Filters the JOIN clause in the SQL for an adjacent post query.

The dynamic portion of the hook name, $adjacent, refers to the type of adjacency, 'next' or 'previous'.


$join = apply_filters( "get_{$adjacent}_post_join", $join, $in_same_term, $excluded_terms, $taxonomy, $post );