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pre_transient_{$transient} ›

apply_filters( "pre_transient_{$transient}", false, $transient )
Paramètres: (2)
  • (mixed) $pre_transient The default value to return if the transient does not exist. Any value other than false will short-circuit the retrieval of the transient, and return the returned value.
    Requis: Oui
  • (string) $transient Transient name.
    Requis: Oui
Défini(e) dans:

Filters the value of an existing transient.

The dynamic portion of the hook name, $transient, refers to the transient name.

Passing a truthy value to the filter will effectively short-circuit retrieval of the transient, returning the passed value instead.


$pre = apply_filters( "pre_transient_{$transient}", false, $transient );