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Theme, template, and stylesheet functions.

Function Short description
add_editor_styleAdd callback for custom TinyMCE editor stylesheets.
add_theme_supportRegisters theme support for a given feature.
background_colorDisplay background color value.
background_imageDisplay background image path.
check_theme_switchedChecks if a theme has been changed and runs 'after_switch_theme' hook on the next WP load.
current_theme_supportsChecks a theme's support for a given feature.
display_header_textWhether to display the header text.
get_background_colorRetrieve value for custom background color.
get_background_imageRetrieve background image for custom background.
get_custom_headerGet the header image data.
get_custom_header_markupRetrieve the markup for a custom header.
get_editor_stylesheetsRetrieve any registered editor stylesheet URLs.
get_header_imageRetrieve header image for custom header.
get_header_image_tagCreate image tag markup for a custom header image.
get_header_textcolorRetrieves the custom header text color in 3- or 6-digit hexadecimal form.
get_header_video_settingsRetrieve header video settings.
get_header_video_urlRetrieve header video URL for custom header.
get_locale_stylesheet_uriRetrieves the localized stylesheet URI.
get_random_header_imageGet random header image url from registered images in theme.
get_raw_theme_rootGet the raw theme root relative to the content directory with no filters applied.
get_stylesheetRetrieve name of the current stylesheet.
get_stylesheet_directoryRetrieve stylesheet directory path for current theme.
get_stylesheet_directory_uriRetrieve stylesheet directory URI.
get_stylesheet_uriRetrieves the URI of current theme stylesheet.
get_templateRetrieve name of the current theme.
get_template_directoryRetrieve current theme directory.
get_template_directory_uriRetrieve theme directory URI.
get_theme_modRetrieve theme modification value for the current theme.
get_theme_modsRetrieve all theme modifications.
get_theme_rootRetrieve path to themes directory.
get_theme_rootsRetrieve theme roots.
get_theme_root_uriRetrieve URI for themes directory.
get_theme_starter_contentExpand a theme's starter content configuration using core-provided data.
get_theme_supportGets the theme support arguments passed when registering that support
get_uploaded_header_imagesGet the header images uploaded for the current theme.
has_custom_headerCheck whether a custom header is set or not.
has_header_imageCheck whether a header image is set or not.
has_header_videoCheck whether a header video is set or not.
header_imageDisplay header image URL.
header_textcolorDisplays the custom header text color in 3- or 6-digit hexadecimal form (minus the hash symbol).
is_child_themeWhether a child theme is in use.
is_customize_previewWhether the site is being previewed in the Customizer.
is_header_video_activeChecks whether the custom header video is eligible to show on the current page.
is_random_header_imageCheck if random header image is in use.
locale_stylesheetDisplay localized stylesheet link element.
register_default_headersRegister a selection of default headers to be displayed by the custom header admin UI.
register_theme_directoryRegister a directory that contains themes.
remove_editor_stylesRemoves all visual editor stylesheets.
remove_theme_modRemove theme modification name from current theme list.
remove_theme_modsRemove theme modifications option for current theme.
remove_theme_supportAllows a theme to de-register its support of a certain feature
require_if_theme_supportsChecks a theme's support for a given feature before loading the functions which implement it.
search_theme_directoriesSearch all registered theme directories for complete and valid themes.
set_theme_modUpdate theme modification value for the current theme.
switch_themeSwitches the theme.
the_custom_header_markupPrint the markup for a custom header.
the_header_image_tagDisplay the image markup for a custom header image.
the_header_video_urlDisplay header video URL.
unregister_default_headersUnregister default headers.
validate_current_themeChecks that current theme files 'index.php' and 'style.css' exists.
validate_theme_requirementsValidates the theme requirements for WordPress version and PHP version.
wp_clean_themes_cacheClears the cache held by get_theme_roots() and WP_Theme.
wp_customize_support_scriptPrints a script to check whether or not the Customizer is supported, and apply either the no-customize-support or customize-support class to the body.
wp_customize_urlReturns a URL to load the Customizer.
wp_custom_css_cbRender the Custom CSS style element.
wp_get_custom_cssFetch the saved Custom CSS content for rendering.
wp_get_custom_css_postFetch the `custom_css` post for a given theme.
wp_get_themeGets a WP_Theme object for a theme.
wp_get_themesReturns an array of WP_Theme objects based on the arguments.
wp_update_custom_css_postUpdate the `custom_css` post for a given theme.
_custom_background_cbDefault custom background callback.
_custom_header_background_just_in_timeRegisters the internal custom header and background routines.
_custom_logo_header_stylesAdds CSS to hide header text for custom logo, based on Customizer setting.
_delete_attachment_theme_modChecks an attachment being deleted to see if it's a header or background image.
_get_random_header_dataGet random header image data from registered images in theme.
_remove_theme_supportDo not use. Removes theme support internally, ignorant of the blacklist.
_wp_customize_changeset_filter_insert_post_dataFilters changeset post data upon insert to ensure post_name is intact.
_wp_customize_includeIncludes and instantiates the WP_Customize_Manager class.
_wp_customize_loader_settingsAdds settings for the customize-loader script.
_wp_customize_publish_changesetPublishes a snapshot's changes.
_wp_keep_alive_customize_changeset_dependent_auto_draftsMake sure that auto-draft posts get their post_date bumped or status changed to draft to prevent premature garbage-collection.