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Filesystem API: Top-level functionality

Function Short description
copy_dirCopies a directory from one location to another via the WordPress Filesystem Abstraction.
download_urlDownloads a URL to a local temporary file using the WordPress HTTP API.
get_filesystem_methodDetermines which method to use for reading, writing, modifying, or deleting files on the filesystem.
get_file_descriptionGet the description for standard WordPress theme files and other various standard WordPress files
get_home_pathGet the absolute filesystem path to the root of the WordPress installation
list_filesReturns a listing of all files in the specified folder and all subdirectories up to 100 levels deep.
request_filesystem_credentialsDisplays a form to the user to request for their FTP/SSH details in order to connect to the filesystem.
unzip_fileUnzips a specified ZIP file to a location on the filesystem via the WordPress Filesystem Abstraction.
validate_file_to_editMakes sure that the file that was requested to be edited is allowed to be edited.
verify_file_md5Calculates and compares the MD5 of a file to its expected value.
verify_file_signatureVerifies the contents of a file against its ED25519 signature.
wp_edit_theme_plugin_fileAttempt to edit a file for a theme or plugin.
wp_filesystemInitialises and connects the WordPress Filesystem Abstraction classes.
wp_get_plugin_file_editable_extensionsGet list of file extensions that are editable in plugins.
wp_get_theme_file_editable_extensionsGet list of file extensions that are editable for a given theme.
wp_handle_sideloadWrapper for _wp_handle_upload().
wp_handle_uploadWrapper for _wp_handle_upload().
wp_print_file_editor_templatesPrint file editor templates (for plugins and themes).
wp_print_request_filesystem_credentials_modalPrint the filesystem credentials modal when needed.
wp_tempnamReturns a filename of a Temporary unique file.
wp_trusted_keysRetrieve the list of signing keys trusted by WordPress.
_unzip_file_pclzipAttempts to unzip an archive using the PclZip library.
_unzip_file_ziparchiveAttempts to unzip an archive using the ZipArchive class.
_wp_handle_uploadHandle PHP uploads in WordPress, sanitizing file names, checking extensions for mime type, and moving the file to the appropriate directory within the uploads directory.